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[70% Off] How to Save Tax on RENTAL Converted to MAIN HOME Sale Course Coupon

[70% Off] How to Save Tax on RENTAL Converted to MAIN HOME Sale  Course Coupon


Welcome to TurboTax Advance: Homeowners/Landlords Reporting Home Sales!

Are you a homeowner or real estate investor seeking to navigate the complexities of reporting home sales with ease? Look no further! In this comprehensive Udemy course, you’ll embark on a journey led by Mia Le, an Enrolled Agent with over 15 years of tax expertise and a passion for real estate investing.

Please note that this course is based on US Tax Laws.

Also note that this is for TURBOTAX ONLINE. If you use TurboTax Desktop, the process is similar but it is not exactly the same, follow a long but note that we do not provide step-by-step instruction for the desktop version.

Unlock Immediate Tax Savings
Discover the secrets to minimizing capital gains tax on home sales through effective strategies tailored to homeowners and investors like you. Gain mastery over the Section 121 exclusion and learn to identify non-qualified days with precision, ensuring maximum tax benefits.

Turbocharge Your Tax Planning with TurboTax
Harness the power of TurboTax as Mia guides you through the intricacies of home sale reporting. From setup to submission, streamline the process and save valuable time on tax preparation, empowering you to take control of your finances confidently.

Even without TurboTax, the comprehensive knowledge gained in this course empowers you to confidently report Rental conversions to Home and vice versa, whether manually or with your preferred tax preparation software. Therefore, you can still take this course without TurboTax.

Real-Life Examples for Real Results
Explore practical techniques with real-life examples and case studies, demystifying complex concepts and instilling confidence in your ability to apply tax strategies effectively. From depreciation recapture calculations to like-kind exchanges, unlock actionable insights for immediate tax planning.

Key Course Features Include:

  • Detailed insights into home sale reporting requirements

  • Step-by-step TurboTax setup and navigation

  • In-depth analysis of Section 121 exclusion and non-qualified days

  • Practical exercises and case studies for hands-on learning

  • Strategies for minimizing capital gains tax and optimizing tax outcomes

  • Q&A sessions to troubleshoot common issues and pitfalls

Udemy’s 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee:
Enroll now and embark on a journey to financial empowerment! With Udemy’s 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, the only risk you’ll take is missing out on this exclusive offer. Don’t let tax season catch you off guard – enroll today and secure your financial future!

Who Should Enroll?

  • Homeowners and real estate investors

  • Real estate agents/brokers and intermediaries

  • Accountants and tax professionals

Meet Your Expert Instructor: Mia Le
With a wealth of experience as both an Enrolled Agent and a real estate investor, Mia Le brings unparalleled expertise and passion to your learning journey. Join thousands of students who have achieved financial success with Mia’s guidance – your future starts here!

Don’t Miss Out – Enroll Today and Turbocharge Your Tax Savings!

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