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[100% Off] REST Assured API Testing (Automation) – REST Assured Java Free Course Coupon

[100% Off] REST Assured API Testing (Automation) – REST Assured Java  Free  Course Coupon


Did you know REST is an abbreviation that stands for REpresentational State Transfer! This type of architectural style was developed to source out a solution for a hypermedia system, an extension of hypertext providing multimedia facilities. Let us get some more resemblance of what REST APIs look like. Suppose you search for “EduCBA” on Google, and you would be replied with a list of search results matching the term EduCBA. The REST API works in the same fashion of getting a result back upon searching. API is nothing but an interface that allows programs to talk to each other through a common platform. API is very similar to a translator for people from 2 different countries unaware of each other’s language. REST is a set of rules followed by developers when API is created and in that one such rule mentions that the user should be able to get the piece of data when “requested”. The request is the URL that is linked and the reply you get back is the response. There is another thing which is kind of confusing for learners and that people intend to think that HTTP and REST are the same. But, mind you! They are not the same. Simply put, REST is a way HTTP is used.

We have tried to carefully craft our courses in a way that would enable you to get resources from top-notch faculties right at your fingertips. We would handhold our learners who are just starting in the area of API through imbibing confidence as a major skill in them to start apprehending REST API in such a way that they can use them in day-to-day work in professional life. As a part of this REST API Training, we would make you go through the elements required to be the best API developer who can swim through rough tides easily. As a part of the course, we make sure that you would have exposure to immense detailed programming techniques that would hone your skills to have in-depth programming skills and knowledge. The way the course is designed, the way of efficient communication would be clearer as you start unveiling new methodologies in API development. With the different methodologies used during our course, you would sharpen your skill of deep understanding of the stack. And lastly, with the effective way of code, like readiness and reusability of code written, you would gain a major skill set during the course.

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