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[100% Off] PowerCLI Command to manage VMware ESXi, vCenter for beginner Free Course Coupon

[100% Off] PowerCLI Command to manage VMware ESXi, vCenter for beginner  Free  Course Coupon


This course in 2023 will teach you how to use PowerCLI on ESXi and vCenter and  Automation your daily tasks

Here I shall provide almost common Examples in real life, what almost best practice.

Also you will learn powershell command as well

Hopefully you will learn much information about PowerCLI on this course

VMware PowerCLI

VMware PowerCLI is a collection of PowerShell modules providing many cmdlets to manage a wide range of VMware products. It allows IT Pros to not only perform most vSphere administrative tasks but also automate them.

Take a chunky vSphere cluster made up of 50 nodes for instance, in which you need to make a change to detach one or more LUNs on all of them. You could either spend a few hours making the change on each host manually in the vSphere Client, or you can use PowerCLI to execute the change on all the nodes in a matter of minutes. Granted such change must be performed carefully if you know what you are doing.

Pushing changes to hosts or VMs isn’t the only benefit VMware PowerCLI brings to the table. You can also use it to collect data that is relevant to a specific use case in a single place. There are ready to use scripts available such as Alan Renouf’s vCheck that acts as a framework to email HTML reports based on what you want to keep an eye on. This script is backed by VMware themselves.

Automation always was a crucial part in IT operations and was introduced into its own category since the exponential gain in traction by solutions like Terraform. VMware PowerCLI and PowerShell becoming more advanced with each release, we are able to automate more and more. PowerCLI also provides integration with applications like vRealize Operations, NSX, VSAN, Horizon, VMware Cloud platforms

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