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[100% Off] Master Course in Business Process Modeling (BPM and BPMN) Free Course Coupon

[100% Off] Master Course in Business Process Modeling (BPM and BPMN)  Free  Course Coupon


Master course in Business process modelling (BPM and BPMN) : Defining business process modeling can be defined as the sequence of activities necessary for the creation of a model for representing, communicating, analyzing, designing, synthesising, making decisions, and controlling business processes.

In business process modeling, we figure out how an organization works from top to bottom. In order to accomplish this, we use things like organization charts, positioning diagrams, and process flows. This gives you an overview of what your employees do on a daily basis, so you can do studies, process improvements, cost estimates, and understand how your business works. In this course you can learn the BPMN Business Process Model and Notation, Process Mapping, BPM Business Process Management, Flowchart, Lucid Chart, UML diagrams process and steps.

For its ability to provide an understanding of how a company functions, BPM process modeling is considered essential.

The creators of BPM process models use information and documents to generate a flow of how activities are carried out, from start to finish. Process modeling requires the following items:

· Modeling and surveying information using a method.

· Model the information with a meta-model.

· Symbols and rules for representing information.

· Information documentation tools.

Understanding a business’s processes can be done with many modeling techniques. It’s amazing how most techniques still work well after all these years.

In this master course, I would like to teach the 5 Major topics,

1. Introduction and main purposes of business process modeling

2. Stages, steps of business process modeling and BPMN Notation

3. Benefits, tools and importance of business process modeling

4. How to implement and using with business process modeling

5. Business process modeling techniques and how to evaluate?

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