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[100% Off] LPIC-1 Practice exam (101-500 and 102-500) Free Course Coupon

[100% Off] LPIC-1 Practice exam (101-500 and 102-500)  Free  Course Coupon


Updated questions in Nov 2023!  All answers will come with detailed explanations.

Welcome to the LPIC-1 Practice Exam course, designed to help you prepare for the Linux Professional Institute Certification Level 1 (LPIC-1) exams (101-500 and 102-500). This comprehensive course is crafted to assess and enhance your proficiency in Linux system administration, ensuring you are well-equipped to excel in the LPIC-1 certification exams.

  1. Realistic Exam Simulations: Practice makes perfect. The course includes realistic exam simulations that closely mimic the LPIC-1 exam conditions, allowing you to gauge your readiness and identify areas for improvement.

  2. Comprehensive Coverage: The practice exams cover all the essential topics outlined in the LPIC-1 exam objectives. From system architecture and Linux installation to file systems, security, and troubleshooting, you’ll be thoroughly tested on your knowledge and skills.

  3. Detailed Explanations: Each question is accompanied by detailed explanations, ensuring you understand the underlying concepts. This not only aids in correct answer selection but also serves as a valuable learning resource.

  4. Time Management: Learn effective time management strategies for the exams. The practice tests are designed to help you develop a sense of timing, enabling you to navigate through questions efficiently during the actual exams.

Exam Information

Title: Linux Administrator

Code: 101-500 and 102-500

Number of Questions: 60 Questions each exam

Duration: 90 minutes each exam

Availability: Pearson VUE

Test Format: Multiple-choice, Multi-Select and Fill-in-the-blank questions

Passing Score: A passing score is 500/800

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