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[100% Off] How to Manage Stress in our life ? Free Course Coupon

[100% Off] How to Manage Stress in our life ?  Free  Course Coupon


1. What is the meaning of stress?

2. How do we know we are stressed? or

What are the various symptoms of stress?

3. List out some physical signs of stress.

4. What are the various behavioral, psychological and emotional signs of stress?

5. What is the meaning of stressor?

6. What is stressful for a person depends on various factors. Name those factors.

7. What are the various causes of Stress?

8. Death of spouse or close relative can cause stress. How can we reconcile our mind in such a case?

9. Do you agree that retirement can also be a cause of stress? If so, how?

10. How workplace stress can adversely affect a person?

11. What is meant by Stress Management?

12. What is the importance of Stress Management?

13. What is the ultimate goal of stress management?

14. Do you agree that stress management is necessary to improve health and performance? If yes, write a few lines in support thereof.

15. Identifying the source of stress in your life is easy or not. Comment.

16. What are the 4 A’s of stress management?

17. How can we avoid unnecessary stress?

18. How can we adapt to the stressful situations?

19. What is the benefit of practicing gratitude?

20. Discuss various stressful situations where we have to accept the things which we cannot change.

21. Do you agree that physical activity is a huge stress reliever? If yes, give some examples of those physical activities.

22. How time management can reduce stress level in our life?

23. Adoption of healthy lifestyle can reduce stress. Comment.

24. How aromatherapy can reduce stress?

25. Why does not everyone experience the same level of stress in any given situation?

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