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[100% Off] Help Me I’m a parent! : Method Change, Peaceful Management Free Course Coupon

[100% Off] Help Me I’m a parent! : Method Change, Peaceful Management  Free  Course Coupon


Change is an ever occurring process. Many times we resist it. We want things to stay the same. Especially when all is well. Health going well, Love life going well, Career going well, Children behaving NO CHANGE PLEASE! If that were only possible!?!

The reality is that things do not stay the same, things are always changing. This is true with personal development, parenting, relationships and everything in life. Granted change happens at different rates, some so slow barely detectable yet things change. In the world of personal development, parenting & relationship development coming to grips with change and managing the change aka change management can be daunting. Reason is, that so much of the change is beyond our control. Yet we do have control over some of the change and we certainly have control of how we respond to change and how we manage change.

Another truth is that time and change are related. We see change based upon time and we measure change by time and vise versa. The time element can create issues for us. If change doesn’t happen in the time we believe it should we can get frustrated and quit doing our part to direct change to our liking. In parenting this happens all the time. We may try a new way of addressing our children and if they don’t respond as the “book” says then “our child” must be the “exception to rule”. So we quit. It didn’t work. Why? Because we often see change as two steps, Old way and New way. But in truth there are six main steps connected by bridges with each step having a cycle of steps. There are changes within ourselves and with our children that will operate at different rates. So when we see Old way expecting new way to happen along with our expectations of when the new way should replace old way, we can feel as if change isn’t happening. However, if we understand the method of change and its framework we could actually recognize change happening and where we are during the process of change. This gives us a measure of where we are on the journey of change. This shows us the progression of change. And that we are making an impact even when it appears ( especially in the beginning ) we are not. The recognition of our control of change gives us the confidence and will power to continue on the journey of directed change.

Help Me I’m a parent! : Method Change, Peaceful Management is designed to show you change, what it looks like, how the process is broken down so that you can see where you are in the process of change, so you wont quit, so you’ll achieve the change you are looking for, sooner rather than later or never.

I’m Coach Hall your instructor for Help Me I’m a parent! : Method Change, Peaceful Management. I’ve personally gone on this journey of change many, many times, In fact I’m changing all the time and since I know this cycle I don’t ever quit and I feel great about change. I love it. But I’m not unique in fact there are scientific studies that prove this works and explain the process of change. I will share that information with you as well as what I learned. I have used this understanding to help others understand the process of change. I’ve done it in my former career as an Advertising executive and I’ve done it in teaching basketball and in my current career as a life coach. I’ll help figure out how long your change will take and better show you how you can figure out how long it will take.

In just over two hour you’ll have all the answers you’ll need to understand the method change process so you can plug it into parenting, family dynamics, career, love life, health, finances, etc… in other words this framework applies to anything and everything where change occurs. Begin now to feel better about change. Become more confident, more certain, more comfortable about the change that you can manage in your journey in personal development, parenting & relationships and every area of your life.

Welcome and enjoy the course

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