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[100% Off] Basic Business English Grammar and Communication Skill Free Course Coupon

[100% Off] Basic Business English Grammar and Communication Skill  Free  Course Coupon



This course is designed to help individuals improve their business English grammar and communication skills. It covers essential grammar rules and vocabulary commonly used in a business context. Participants will learn how to communicate effectively in various business situations such as meetings, presentations, emails, and phone conversations. They will also gain confidence in writing accurate and professional business documents. The course provides practical exercises, interactive lessons, and real-life examples to enhance learning and application.

The Basic Business English Grammar and Communication Skills course is designed to help individuals develop a strong foundation in English grammar and enhance their communication skills within a professional business context. This online course is suitable for non-native English speakers who want to improve their language proficiency for better workplace communication.

Key Highlights:

  • Master fundamental grammar rules for business communication

  • Increase vocabulary relevant to business contexts

  • Improve spoken English for meetings, presentations, and more

  • Enhance writing skills for business emails and documents

What you will learn:

  • Learning Outcome 1: Understand and apply grammar rules specific to business English

  • Learning Outcome 2: Build a strong business vocabulary and utilize it effectively

  • Learning Outcome 3: Communicate confidently in business meetings, presentations, and negotiations

  • Learning Outcome 4:Write professional and concise business emails, reports, and documents

Course Objectives:

· Grammar Mastery: Gain a comprehensive understanding of fundamental English grammar rules, including tenses, sentence structure, articles, prepositions, and more.

· Effective Communication: Learn to express ideas clearly and concisely in both written and spoken English to succeed in various business communication scenarios.

· Business Vocabulary: Expand your business-related vocabulary to communicate effectively in meetings, presentations, emails, and reports.

· Cultural Awareness: Develop cross-cultural communication skills and an understanding of business etiquette to navigate diverse workplace environments.

· Writing Skills: Enhance your business writing abilities, including composing professional emails, reports, and memos.

· Speaking Skills: Practice effective verbal communication for meetings, negotiations, and presentations.

· Listening Skills: Improve your ability to comprehend spoken English in business settings, such as conference calls and presentations.

Course Delivery:

· The course is offered online, allowing flexibility in terms of when and where you study.

· Interactive lessons, quizzes, assignments, and real-world scenarios will be used to reinforce learning.

· Regular feedback and assessments to track progress and address areas needing improvement.

Who Should Enroll:

· Non-native English speakers looking to enhance their business English language skills.

· Professionals seeking to improve their communication abilities in international business settings.

· Students and individuals preparing for job interviews, presentations, and business interactions in English-speaking environments.

· By the end of the Basic Business English Grammar and Communication Skills course, participants will have gained the essential language skills and confidence needed to effectively communicate in various business situations, thereby enhancing their career prospects and professional development.


Grammar for Communication

· Pronunciation and intonation

· Vocabulary

· Word formation

· Ways to improve vocabulary

· Antonym, Synonym, Homonym

Listening Skill

· Listening skills

· Types of listening

· Process of listening

· Importance of listening

· Significance of good listening

· Requirements of effective listening

Note making Skill

· Note taking and note making

· Writing meeting note

· Pattern note making

· Effective note making

Article making Skill

· Comprehension passages

· News articles

· Magazine articles

· Articles on politics, sports, health care

English Literature Basics

· Poem

· James Leigh Hunt

· Abou Ben Adhem summary

· William Blake

· Tyger Summary

Sentence Construction

· Kinds of sentences

· Articles

· Nouns

· Adjectives

· Adverbs and Preposition

Paragraph Writing

· Basic Cohesive Paragraph Writing

· Paragraph

· Parts of paragraph

· Evaluative paragraph

· The prewriting stage

· Writing, Editing, Organizing


· Precis and goals of precis

· Features of a precis

Resume and Job

· Resume writing

· Cover letter

· Sequence of resume

· Follow up

· Job Application

· Solicitated unsolicited letter

Course Work and Practice

· Grammar applicable for basic English

· Basic English requirement for professional skill development

· Example of Business Communication scenarios

· Business email samples

· Sample business telephonic conversation examples

Assignment on basic English sentence construction

Assignment: Business English Communication


· List of Vocabulary applicable for English conversation

· List of basic sentences applicable for English conversation

· List of Basic phrases applicable for English conversation

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