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[100% Off] Adding Kyusho Jutsu to Shotokan Karate (Bassai Dai) Free Course Coupon

[100% Off] Adding Kyusho Jutsu to Shotokan Karate (Bassai Dai)  Free  Course Coupon


Welcome to the WORLD’S FIRST EVER Adding Kyusho Jutsu to Shotokan Karate course.

This in-depth course will change your life on how you view your Kata.

Let’s talk about what “Kyusho Jutsu” really is. Kyusho simply is the study of the human body and its nervous system. By studying this system you can take any of the techniques and kata in your system and make them incredibly effective, easy to apply, and devastating for anyone and everyone! You will begin to learn how to interpret each and every move and discover there is absolutely NO WASTED Movement, each and every move has incredible power and significant meaning… even the formal beginnings

How does it all work? Kyusho Jutsu teaches you how to disrupt a person’s nervous system, allowing you to perform various techniques and maneuvers with ease. Techniques like joint locks, arm bars, and throws are done by temporarily shutting off various joints or by affecting specific nerves in the body to make them more painful and easier to manipulate. This allows you to quickly disable and subdue any attacker or classroom partner.

Kyusho then becomes the great equalizer that has been talked about in the arts for centuries.

Whether you are a Grand Master or a beginner, Kyusho Jutsu will help you to develop your art.

This course, Adding Kyusho Jutsu to Shotokan Karate (Bassai Dai) is the first program to combine the system of pressure points and Taekwondo in a simple-to-understand learning method. 

Shotokan Karate Bassai Dai consists of 13 Key Moves – This course focuses on these 13 Key Moves.

The course format is as follows:

1. Move introduction

2. Video clip of the movement within the Bassai Dai

3. Kata explanation of the technique and demonstration with pressure points attack.

4. Explanation of the pressure points used in the self-defense technique.

5. Learning Tip (Total 13 tips – taken from my Kyusho Jutsu Black Belt modules)

Almost 10 Hours of Karate & Pressure Point Training.

Remember it is not the destination, but the journey.

Thank You, Grand Master Ali

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