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[-0% Off] Design of Clean Agent Extinguishing Systems based NFPA 2001 Course Coupon

[-0% Off] Design of Clean Agent Extinguishing Systems based NFPA 2001  Course Coupon


The uninterrupted use of a datacenter or any facility with high-value equipment is always delicate, and in many cases vital, and damage to one of these facilities, such as that caused by a fire, can be catastrophic. In the specific case of data centers, they include equipment that is expensive and sophisticated, that is susceptible to damage, whose replacement can take a long time and that when it does not work, it could cost a lot of money. This is where Clean Agent Extinguishing Systems come in, considered one of the most effective systems in suppressing fires.

Every day we see more complex projects with more demanding requirements, which require extensive knowledge of the concepts and standards by engineers and architects for the design of Fire Extinguishing Systems, as well as the field personnel in charge of the installations, tests and maintenance.

In this course you will learn the concepts, components and specifications of Clean Agents, design calculations, installation procedures, testing and maintenance of Clean Agent fire suppression systems. It is designed for beginning students as well as professionals with prior knowledge of fire protection systems.

The course uses a theoretical/practical methodology so we will be working together on a Datacenter design, where we will have to perform calculations and locate the different components based on what the NFPA 2001 standard dictates. We also include a practical exercise, designed for you to use your knowledge to find the answer. Before working on the design we will focus on reviewing each component of the system, schematic and operation.

What will you learn in this course?


  • Characteristics of fire and its relationship with clean agents

  • Types and characteristics of clean agents

  • Impact of clean agents on humans

  • Scheme of a complete clean agent extinguishing system

  • Operation of Clean Agent systems and their relationship with fire alarm systems

Concepts about the NFPA 2001 Standard

  • Learn the composition of all the chapters

  • We will study the design standards

  • We will study the requirements for the installation, testing, inspection, training and maintenance of clean agent extinguishing systems.

Design of a Clean Agent Extinction System in a Datacenter

  • Minimum requirements for the design of clean agent extinguishing systems

  • Isometric development

  • Practical calculations to determine the amount of Clean agent required

  • Calculation of quantity of material for installation

Installation and testing

  • Step by step to prepare the enclosure for installation

  • Installation and testing procedure

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